At The Glass House, we pride ourselves on the excellent service we can provide to you both during and after your eye examination. Should you have an accident with your spectacles and need a repair, we have a wide range of services we can provide in store.

In-Store Repairs
We can do most repairs in store, so if you’ve had a problem with your glasses, bring them in where one of our expert staff can do any of the below:

  •     Replace screws
  •     Replace nose-pads
  •     Re-insert lenses
  •     Repair supra cord (glasses that only have a frame at the top)
  •     Re-align glasses if they’ve been bent out of shape

Other Repairs

Occassionally, there may be a repair that unfortunately we cannot complete in store. However, we do work with a number of other companies which allow us to send your damaged frames off for repair. The services include:

  •     Repair broken hinge joints
  •     Soldering
  •     Replace broken sides