Care Plans

At The Glass House we offer two different plans to help spread the cost of your contact lenses, and give you some extra benefits when you come in store.

Freshlens Scheme

Our Freshlens Scheme gives you a new supply of your lenses regularly, every 3, 6, or 12 months as agreed when you join. These lenses can either be posted out directly to you, or you can collect them from our store, which ever option is easiest for you.

What you pay each month is determined by how often you are receiving your lenses and the amount, but the lenses are given to you at a discounted rate, with the price spread out equally over a 12 monthly period by standing order.

Freshcare Scheme

With our Freshcare scheme, you get all the benefits of the Freshlens Scheme, without committing to a regular supply of lenses. Your standing order is set at a rate of £5 each month, giving you the lenses at the discounted rate and covering your eye test and contact lens fees each year, but you choose when you want to purchase the lenses. This is a great option for people who perhaps only wear their lenses ocassionally, and where a regular supply every few months isn’t a practical solution.


Benefits of the Freshlens/Freshcare Scheme

  • All sight tests, contact lenses checks, and emergency appointments are covered. Whilst you’re on the scheme with us, you will not pay for any time spent with our Optometrists.
  • Up to 20% discount off spectacle frames
  • Up to 20% discount off spectacle lenses
  • A 10% discount off all 3 month solution packs
  • Special prices for replacement of lost or broken lenses
  • Free of charge spare lenses if you lose or tear your contact lenses (limited amount each year)