Eye Care

Eye Examination

Regular eye examinations are important for the health of your eyes. We recommend an eye examination should be carried out every two years, or earlier if you feel something is wrong. In some situations, an eye examination will be recommended every year, but you will be notified of this. Our examination includes testing your sight for spectacle prescription, examining the back of your eye for disease and, wherever indicated, measuring the pressure in your eye to exclude the possibility of Glaucoma. If ever needed, we will refer you to your doctor for further examination.

Contact Lens Check

If you wear contact lenses you should have your eyes and lenses checked at least once a year, and earlier if you are having any problems. The Glass House can check your lenses for your whether you bought them from us or not. The contact lens test is slightly different from your eye examination, so it is important that both tests are carried out regularly.

Our other services include…

  • Free eye test for the over 60s
  • NHS and private patients accepted
  • Diabetic and glaucoma screening
  • Retinal photography
  • Vast array of designer frames, sunglasses, and spectacles for all budgets
  • Prescription sunglasses and sports glasses
  • Wide range of contact lenses